Web Design

Let us rejuvenate your web presence, we offer beautiful fully featured responsive static websites built using Hugo and traditional dynamic websites such as Wordpress at competitive prices. Here are some of our services:

  1. Static websites built using Hugo and the JAMstack.
  2. Traditional websites built using wordpress.
  3. Designed with speed and responsiveness in mind.
  4. Host yourself or have us implement your infrastructure.
  5. Source files available free upon request.
  6. All projects include one hour of training and training materials.

What are Static Websites

Static websites are sites and apps delivered by pre-rendering files and serving them directly from a CDN thus removing the need to run or manage web servers. The ability to host directly from a CDN (Content Distribution Network) allows you to deliver your content using a globally distributed network of servers. This will increase site or app load times and reduce user latency by closest possible server to your users geographic location. The JAMstack allows us to build websites and apps that delivers better performance, higher security, lower cost of scaling, and offers a better developer experience.

What are Dynamic Websites?

Most traditional websites are dynamic websites like wordpress. These websites are not pre-rendered and are built on each load using an application server processing server side scripts.

What is the JAMstack?

The JAMstack is a modern way of building websites & apps: 1. JavaScript: Any dynamic programming during the request/response cycle is handled by JavaScript, running entirely on the client. 2. APIs: All server-side functions or database actions are available using reusable APIs, accessed over HTTPS with JS. Either using SaaS, custom APIs, or third-party services. 3. Markup: Templated prebuilt markup, usually using a site generator for content sites, or a build tool for web apps.

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